Asahi Intecc Group Human Rights Policy

(German version)


1. Basic concept

The Asahi Intecc Group (hereinafter referred to as “Asahi Intecc”) strives to achieve its corporate mission to help all clients achieve their “dreams,” and to contribute widely to society, by providing to the world the most unique technologies and products of the highest quality, bearing in mind safety and reliability in the fields of medical and industrial devices. In realizing its mission, Asahi Intecc recognizes respect for human rights of people involved in its business as its basic principle, expresses respect for the diversity, personality, and individuality of employees in the Charter of Corporate Behavior, and strives to fulfill its responsibility.


2. Requirement

Based on this Policy, Asahi Intecc asks all officers and employees to respect the human rights of all stakeholders through their business activities. Additionally, Asahi Intecc encourages its suppliers and other business partners to maintain respect for and refrain from the infringement of human rights.


3. Support and respect for international standards

Asahi Intecc supports and respects the United Nations International Bill of Human Rights, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the ILO (International Labour Organization) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Asahi Intecc also has signed the United Nations Global Compact and supports its Ten Principles. Asahi Intecc complies with the laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which it operates. If there is a contradiction between the laws and regulations of such countries and regions and internationally recognized human rights, Asahi Intecc will pursue a method to respect international standards concerning human rights while respecting laws and regulations.


4. Practice of respect for human rights

Asahi Intecc recognizes that its business activities may have a direct or indirect impact on human rights. If any adverse impact on human rights has actually occurred or may occur, Asahi Intecc will take corrective measures to practice respect for human rights. Enlisted below are some specific efforts that will be made.

1)Implementation of human rights due diligence
Asahi Intecc will establish a mechanism for human rights due diligence to prevent or mitigate adverse impacts on human rights, by evaluating and identifying potential or actual risks and setting countermeasures for them.

2)Corrective and remedial actions
If it is revealed that Asahi Intecc has caused or contributed to any adverse impact on human rights by its business activities, Asahi Intecc will endeavor to take corrective and remedial actions by appropriate means. Asahi Intecc will also establish reporting and consultation desks, inside and outside Japan, to develop an effective remedial mechanism.

3) Education and awareness
Asahi Intecc will provide appropriate education and awareness activities for all officers and employees to make them understand and implement the Policy.

4)Dialogue with stakeholders
Asahi Intecc will endeavor to appropriately respond to human rights issues related to its business activities through dialogue and consultations with relevant stakeholders.

5)Information disclosure
Asahi Intecc periodically discloses information about its efforts and progress in respecting human rights based on this policy via reports and websites.


5. Initiatives for human rights issues

Asahi Intecc will address the following as particularly important human rights issues in its business.

1)Unacceptable forms of labor
Asahi Intecc will not tolerate forced labor, child labor, and any form of modern slavery including human trafficking.

2)Discrimination and harassment
Asahi Intecc will prevent unfair discrimination or harassment based on race, gender, nationality, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, ethnicity, disability, among others.

3)Working conditions of employees
Asahi Intecc will appropriately manage the working hours, holidays, days off, and wages of employees to the extent permitted by the laws and regulations of the countries and regions where it operates and strive to engage in constructive dialogue on working conditions with employees.

4) Occupational health and safety
Asahi Intecc will prevent accidents, disasters, and injuries at work and provide a conducive work environment in which employees can work peacefully in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the countries and regions in which it operates.

5)Life and safety
Asahi Intecc will comply with the laws and treaties on environmentally regulated substances and hazardous substances to protect the lives and ensure safety of its product users, its employees, suppliers, and purchasers including physicians and patients. Furthermore, it will comply with the laws and guidelines to protect the rights of clinical trial participants.


May 15, 2023

President & CEO